1m CANFORD ETHERCON CAT6 UNSCREENED CABLES - Using Cat6-F deployable cable

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  • Artnr: CNF-46-9741
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

These Category 6 compliant unscreened cables are made using Canford's CAT6-F U/UTP extra-flexible deployable cable. They are fitted with Neutrik Ethercon NE8MX-1 connectors at each end. The extra-flexible PVC jacket and stranded conductors offer a flexibility normally only found in microphone cables and have a life far in excess of more common solid-conductor types.

Each individual cable is described in detail by the use of an abbreviated sequence in the form:

Canford Cable - 1st connector - 2nd connector - cable type - cable length - cable colour.

Detailed specifications for the connectors and cables are given in their appropriate entries elsewhere.

NE8MX-1 - Neutrik ETHERCON Cable housing, nickel 46-0583
CAT6-F - Canford CAT6-F U/UTP cable 31-870
Note: This range of cables comes fitted with 100mm lengths of clear heat-shrink sleeving on the cable as standard, to enable fitting of labels by users. The un-shrunk sleeve can easily be cut off if not required. Cable lengths and the number of sleeves is outlined below:-

0.5 - 1m 0 sleeve
1.5 - 3m 1 sleeve
4 - 100m 2 sleeves

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